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Retail Shop

We did it! We actually opened a brick and mortar retail shop to service the Southeast Denver Metro area residents! If you are a fan of comics, please come stop by and check out the shop! We have thousands more comics at the shop that are not on the website....yet!


Our retail store is located at:

10136 Parkglenn Way #115

Parker, CO 80134


Phone: 303-484-9103



Monday - 11AM-7PM

Tuesday 11AM-7PM

Wednesday 11AM-7PM

Thursday 11AM-7PM

Friday 11AM-7PM

Saturday 11AM-7PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM


Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles is an endeavor that has been a dream of mine since I was a boy. Believe it or not, I wanted nothing to do with comics as a kid. I mean we would pick them up occasionally on the spinner rack in a gas station while on vacation camping through the Rockies, but when my Dad took me into my first Local Comic Shop and told me to pick out a few titles to get on a regular basis, I could care less. Little did my parents know this would ultimately lead to the comic-devouring monster that I am at present. Unfortunately the extent of my collecting in the late 80’s and 90’s was entirely influenced by the idea that comics were an investment. That some day all of the foil, embossed, and hologram covered books that we were purchasing would be collateral for retirement. How terribly wrong we were. I was collecting for the wrong reason. Not caring about the stories inside the covers, only the prospect of the books being worth something in the future. And then I quit, as High School quickly brought other interests to my attention.


It wasn’t until I was in college working at an independent pet store that a co-worker suggested we go to a Comic Shop to pick up the Green Lantern: Rebirth series. He was a giant comic/pop culture/sci-fi freak. I decided to join him and check it out, and was immediately brought back to my childhood. The thrill of “the hunt.” Flipping through bins of back issue books looking to catch up on series’ that I had missed out on, while also picking up current titles, all of which had amazing stories and art, without the gimmicks of the 90’s.


And this is how I was twice bitten by the comic bug. I still read new books, old books, and just about anything in-between. I love offering suggestions to friends who are familiar with the medium as well as those who aren’t, about a title or trade paperback that I think they would be interested in. I still have a (seemingly ever growing) list, which I work to complete when I have the chance. However this site was formed after happening upon an amazing collection of books that used to be the back issue inventory of a long closed comic shop from the 60’s and 70’s. After listing hundreds of books on eBay, I figured it was time to set up a website, something that could eventually be the extension of a retail storefront, my ultimate goal.


What we strive to do different here at Hall of Justice Comics is to provide our customers with actual SCANS of the back issue books you are purchasing, not just a generic “from file” picture. You can see exactly what you will be receiving and as such can buy with confidence. Our customer service is another one of our strong suits. If you need something you can’t find, just ask! If you have questions about a title or would like a recommendation, ask away! We are always approachable and want you to enjoy the medium as much as we do!