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New Comics for 5/17/17

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 5/17/17

May keeps on rolling by and brings us to another glorious new comic book day! Lots of stuff going on this week, as it is a pretty heavy week, so lets jump right on in!

From DC this week, Flash #22 finally ships brining forth the conclusion to the Button story once and for all….or does it? Also hitting racks this week is Batman #23 written by Tom King with art and cover by Mitch Gerads with a story arc called “The Brave and the Mold” in which Swamp Thing comes to Gotham!


From Image this week Jim Mahfood debuts his first new creator-owned work in years with the glorious return of Grrl Scouts! Join Gwen, Daphne, and Rita as they reunite for a pulse pounding psychedillic adventure through the streets of Freak City. This first issue is stuffed to the gills with an action packed story, bouns art, soundtrack, sketchbook and behind the scenes info!

From Marvel this week, big stuff hitting shelves. Secret Empire #2 for starters! In addition, we see two new series kicking off. Generation X #1 hits stands written by Christina Strain with Art by Amilcar Pinna. The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach has opened its doors and is ready to foster the next generation of heroes and diplomats! But this time around, the X-Men recognize an unfortunate truth: not all mutants are created equal. Some mutants are not made to fight Sentinels or serve as ambassadors on behalf of their kind. Some mutants will just be lucky to survive another day in a world that hates and fears them. And who better to mentor mutantkind's lovable losers than perpetual sidekick Jubilee? But will Jubilee and GENERATION X survive the experience?? Luke Cage #1 also hits stands written by David Walker with art by Nelson Blake. Dr. Noah Burstein, the man who made Luke Cage into the unbreakable hero he is today, is dead. When Luke goes down to New Orleans for the funeral, he finds The Big Easy to be pretty &$#% difficult. Mysterious billionaires, a woman with a secret, amped-up gangs and a shadowy figure all lead Luke to the conclusion that there's more to his father-figure's death than meets the eye. He's looking for answers, and it's a bad day for anyone in his way!


Here is your complete list:

Dark Horse

American Gods Shadows #3

Dead Inside #5


Aquaman #23

Astro City #44

Batman #23

Batwoman #3

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #8

DC Comics Bombshells #27

Flash #22

Green Arrow #23

Green Lanterns #23

Harley Quinn #20

Injustice 2 #2

Justice League #21

Justice League Power Rangers #4

Lucifer #18

Nightwing #21

Odyssey of the Amazons #5

Super Sons #4

Superman #23

Teen Titans #8

Trinity #9

Wild Storm #4


Animal Noir #4

Darkness Visible #4


Michael Recycle #3

Night Owl Society #2

Real Science Adventures #2

Revolutionaries #4

Rom #10

Satellite Falling #5

Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken #1

X-Files Funko Universe

Yo-Kai Watch #1


Birthright #24

Curse Words #5

Eclipse #7

Few #5

God Country #5

Grrl Scouts Magic Socks #1

Horizon #11

Low #18

Rose #2

Royal City #3

Spawn #1 25th Anniversary Directors Cut

Spawn #273

Spread #21

Wicked & Divine 455 AD #1


Daredevil #20

Deadpool Vs Punisher #3

Generation X #1

Guardians of the Galaxy Mother Entropy #3

Invincible Iron Man #7

Luke Cage #1

Mighty Thor #19

Monsters Unleashed #2

Nick Fury #2

Powers #8

Punisher #12

Royals #3

Secret Empire #2

Star Wars #31

Star Wars Poe Dameron #15

Ultimates 2 #7

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #20

US Avengers #6

X-Men Gold #4

Other Publishers

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4

Adventure Time Comics #11

American Monster #6

Animosity #7

Archie #20

Assassins Creed Reflections #3

Betty & Veronica Annual Digest #253

Blade Bunny Vol 2 #6

Britannia #2

Bubblegun Vol 2 #1

Cerebus In Hell #4

Coady & the Creepies #3

Deep #5

Deepak Chopras Beyond #4

Doctor Who 10th Year Three #5

Doctor Who 12th Year Three #3

Elenor & the Egret #2

Equilibrium #3

Forever War #4

GFT Robyn Hood I Love NY #12

Gold Digger #242

Greatest Adventure #2

Ian Livingstones Freeway Fighter #1

IT Secret World of Modern Banking #3

Jughead #15

Kim Reaper #2

Knights of the Dinner Table #243

Kong of Skull Island #11

Little Guardians #2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15

Miraculous #11

Nancy Drew Hardy Boys #3

Ninjak #27

Peter David Artful #6

Rad Island One Shot

Red Dog #4

Red Sonja #5

Reich #6

Simpsons Comics #239

Sovereigns #1

Spirit Hunters #7

Stargate Hearts and Minds #1

Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers #1

Three O’Clock Club #3

Torchwood 2 #4

Warhammer 400000 Dawn of War III #1

Wonder Woman 77 Bionic Woman #4

World of Archie Comics Double Digest #68

World Reader #2

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #35

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