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Friday FOC Roundup 1/25/19

Posted by Jon Garnett on

Friday Night FOC Roundup!

I know, we are super late getting this out to you. Sorry about that. But that is ok, because we are still posting it, trying to get you the info you need for your pull before books are on cutoff. These titles are on cutoff MONDAY 1/28/19! If there are any of these titles that you are interested in adding to your pull, please let us know BEFORE Monday! Most of these books will be in stores 2/20/2019.

From Dark Horse and in shops on 2/27/19 is Anthem #1. When Kismet's family is ambushed while traveling between settlements, the young boy is rescued by one of the exosuit-clad warriors known as Freelancers. Now an orphan, it's up to him, and his adoptive sister Jani, to build a future for themselves-and humanity-on a planet filled with danger.

From DC/Vertigo and in stores on 2/20/19 is High Level #1. Hundreds of years after the world ended and human society was rebuilt from scratch, a self-interested smuggler is forced to traverse a new continent of danger and mystery to deliver a child messiah to High Level, a mythical city at the top of the world from which no one has ever returned. Don't miss the start of a new series from writer Rob Sheridan, co-creator of Nine Inch Nails' groundbreaking Year Zero alternate-reality game! Issue #1 also features a nice variant by Mattina!


From Image and Mark Millar and Simone Bianchi, and in stores on 2/20/29 is Sharkey Bounty Hunter #1 (of 6). Set in a brilliant new sci-fi universe, Sharkey is a blue-collar bounty hunter who tracks criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck. Aided and abetted by his ten-year-old partner, he's out for the biggest bounty of his career.

From Marvel, and in stores on 2/20/19 is Age of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #1 ( of 5). ENTER THE AGE OF X-MAN!From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own solo series!Kurt Wagner is the biggest celebrity slash super hero since Dwayne Johnson!Juggling Kurt's responsibilities as one of the X-Men and a slate of summer blockbusters would be tough without the best support staff in the business: Stunt coordinator Magma! Personal trainer Kylun! And of course, his leading lady Meggan!But there's something rotten in Tinseltown...

Also from Marvel and in stores on 2/20/19 is Hulkverines #1 (of 3). THE CLASH YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!At last! It's Weapon H versus his predecessors-Wolverine and the Hulk! Once, the Weapon X program sought to recreate the world's two greatest hunters. They ended up with Weapon H, a man of Adamantium claws and gamma-juiced blood. Now, Wolverine and the Hulk are back in action - and coming after the dangerous creation made in their name!

Also from Marvel and in stores on 2/20/19 is Love Romances #1. LOVE STORIES THAT CAN ONLY BE TOLD IN A COMIC BOOK!Can robots fall in love?Is romance just a fantasy?Can love breach the corridor of death? Celebrating 80 years of Marvel comics comes another one-shot that examines the breadth of comic storytelling.

Finally, from Marvel and in stores on 2/20/19 is Wolverine Infinity Watch #1 (of 5). Wolverine has finally returned, disentwined from the evil clutches of Soteira...but hang on, didn't he have an Infinity Stone? How did THAT happen?! And wasn't he popping up all over the place for a little while? The answers you seek are finally revealed as Logan goes cosmic alongside everyone's favorite god of lies and stories, Loki Laufeyson!

From Dynamite, and in stores on 2/20/19, the hyper-powered world of Crackdown (Xbox) has made its way to the comic page! In the not-so-distant future, civilized society is more plugged-in and interconnected than ever - but criminal organizations are growing more connected as well, forming unholy alliances, and plotting for an unprecedented campaign against the world. When a series of devastating blackout attacks plunge major metropolitan areas into darkness and chaos, the global population is terrified, traditional law enforcement is overwhelmed - and it's up to The Agency, an elite international crime-fighting task force, to restore peace and deliver justice, by any means necessary.

From AfterShock and in stores on 2/20/19 is Stronghold #1. Our planet is actually a prison designed to both trap and shelter an amnesiac alien entity of incalculable power. Now known as Michael Grey, this cosmic angel of destruction currently believes himself to be an ordinary, midwestern insurance underwriter, who belongs to a global secret society dedicated to making sure he never discovers the truth about his past. To make matters worse, our hero has fallen in love with Michael Grey. And for their love to be born, Earth must die.

From Valiant and in stores on 2/20/19 is Incursion #1. Beyond the margins of human reason lies a realm known as the Deadside, where the souls of the dearly departed linger - and where demons wait for us in the dark. For countless ages, Earth's chosen protectors have guarded the veil between both worlds - but there are other doors to the Deadside, through which gruesome terrors from galaxies untold can trespass... With the planet's freedom at stake, can the reigning Geomancer and her steadfast Eternal Warrior stand together against an invasion unlike any they've ever witnessed?

From Zenescope and in stores on 2/10/19 is Zodiac #1! As the war between Camelot and the Order of Tarot wages Merlin the Magician looks to give himself an eliminating all of his Tarot's biggest threats. And he has the perfect man for the job, a deadly magical warrior who was born to kill. Don't miss this 3 issue limited series introducing the deadliest assassin to ever exist in the Grimm Universe...Zodiac.