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Friday FOC Roundup for 3/22/19

Posted by Jon Garnett on

Friday Night FOC Roundup!

Well its not Friday, but it was a super busy weekend, so we are sorry that the write-up is a little late, but its still in time to get your additions in before the end of the day on Monday, March 25th! Most of these titles are on Final Order Cutoff tomorrow, and hit the shelves in shops on 4/17. If you would like to add any of these titles to your pull, please let us know before 10:00PM MST on Monday, March 25th!

From Dark Horse and in stores on 4/17 is the final chapter of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods comic adaptation. Moment of the Storm #1! The new and old gods agree to meet in the center of America to exchange the body of the old gods' fallen leader-heading toward the inevitable god war in this final arc of the bestselling comics series!

From DC this week, Josh Middleton is back on Aquaman variants with #47 hitting the rack on 4/17. Namma's nefarious plan to restart all life on Earth is in full effect, and only one man stands in her way: Aquaman! Don't miss the bombastic finale to "Unspoken Water"!

Also from DC and in stores on 4/17, Francisco Mattina is back on Batman variants with issue #69! The Dark Knight is breaking through the bad dreams and coming out the other side. But is he ready for the culprit waiting through the veil of terror? And what lasting effects might this whole ordeal have on Bruce Wayne's psyche? With artist Yanick Paquette (WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE) jumping on board to tackle the art, "Knightmares" comes to a shocking close. This will be the strangest issue yet-a no-holds-barred journey through Bat-man's psyche via the inner workings of Arkham Asylum, setting up the next big chapter of Tom King's epic BATMAN tale. Batman's future starts now!

Finally from DC and in stores on 4/17 is Justice League #22! The Multiverse is teetering on the brink, and Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom is poised for victory. But as the combined intellects of Brainiac and the world's smartest man make their move toward conquering the keys to the sixth dimension, a much bigger power grows on the horizon. At last, the final form of Perpetua takes her shape, and the DCU will never be the same again!

From IDW and in stores on 4/17 is Tangled The Series Hair and Now #1. It's another series of brand-new Tangled stories! Join Rapunzel, Eugene, and all their friends in "The Corona Caper" and "Curtain Call." The final series of Tangled: The Series comics begins this month! All stories are written by fan-favorite Katie Cook!

From Marvel and in stores on 4/17 is Amazing Spider Man #252 Facsimile Edition. The stunning debut of Spider-Man's black suit - the alien costume that would one day become Venom! As Spidey makes his homecoming from the super hero Secret Wars, he returns with a miraculous new outfit, a striking black-and-white Spider-Man costume that morphs and responds to his very thoughts - allowing him to change back to Peter Parker at will! But is it possible that this miraculous article of alien clothing may have a mind of its own? With New Yorkers made uneasy by his new look and the Secret Wars photos he took far too alien to sell to the Daily Bugle, can Peter pick up the life he left behind? Relive the issue that set in motion the entire saga of Venom! It's one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

Also from Marvel and in stores on 4/17 is Star Wars Tie Fighter #1 (of 5). ENTER SHADOW WING! THE EMPIRE'S SALVATION! THE REBELLION'S DOOM!As the war against the REBELLION stretches on, it is the innocent people of the GALACTIC EMPIRE who are most at risk. An elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots is assembled to help protect Imperial interests and hammer the Emperor's fury down upon the treasonous and violent Rebel Alliance. But how far is this untested team willing to go to preserve law and order? And are the pilots of SHADOW WING as loyal to the Empire as they seem?

Next from Marvel and in stores on 4/17 is another War of the Realms Tie In; War of the Realms Punisher #1 (of 3). PUNISHER: AVENGER OF MIDGARD!The War of The Realms has brought monsters to the streets of New York City, but New York has a monster all its own...Frank Castle, A.K.A. THE PUNISHER! And he'll be damned to Hel if he's going to let a bunch of Ten Realms tin-pot tyrants terrorize his town. But given he's one man against an army of monsters, Hel might soon have him! The War of Realms is about to meet Marvel's One Man Army. Expect Punishment!

From AfterShock and in stores on 4/17 is Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1. For nearly two centuries, scholars have wondered how on earth Mary Shelley, a nineteen-year-old girl, was able to conjure one of the most frightening and enduring horror stories of all-time: Frankenstein.But with the recent discovery of Mary Shelley's secret memoir, the truth is finally revealed: Mary Shelley didn't just write Frankenstein, she lived it. Traveling back to that historic Geneva winter of 1816, Mary, her fiancé Percy, sisters Claire and Fanny, and the celebrated poet Lord Byron, find themselves guests of the eerie Frankenstein Estate. The macabre and frightening events that follow lead Mary to both a gruesome and shocking discovery. Their mysterious host is not at all what they expected, and their intentions will change the course of Mary's life for-ever.

From Zenescope and in stores on 4/17 is Oz Heart of Magic #1 (of 5). The Realm of Oz is back! Last we saw Dorothy she was trapped in a body that isn't hers by the evil Wizard of Oz, cut off from most of her loyal followers and exiled from the Emerald City. Now on the run through increasingly forbidding lands, with the very heart of the realm itself on the line, will she be able to protect herself and more importantly the people who rely on her? Find out here, in the first issue of this soon-to-be-legendary tale!