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New Comics for 4/16/19

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 4/17/19

It’s that time again Super Friends, tomorrow is New Comic Book Day and to help you navigate all of the new releases we are here to spotlight some of the fun things that you might have missed out. Lets jump in shall we?

From Boom! Studios this week, a HUGE surprise as Angel #0 flew under the radar and kicks off a brand new series set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! BOOM! Studios, along with visionary writer and director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel's The Avengers), presents the shocking reimagining of the pop culture phenomenon ANGEL!Angel walks the line between two worlds; a vampire cursed with a soul, he's spent centuries battling back the forces that would destroy humanity, in an attempt to redeem himself for the crimes committed by the monster he was when he was first turned.

From Dark Horse, American Gods returns for its final arc, Moment of the Storm #1. The new and old gods agree to meet in the center of America to exchange the body of the old gods' fallen leader-heading toward the inevitable god war in this final arc of the bestselling comics series! The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula Award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a graphic novel!

From DC this week, Aquaman #47 makes a splash and sees the finale to Kelly Sue Deconnicks arc on Unspoken Water. Namma's nefarious plan to restart all life on Earth is in full effect, and only one man stands in her way: Aquaman!

Next from DC this week is Nightwing #57! There's a new team in town who will have to learn the hard way that fighting injustice doesn't mean you're cut out to be a superhero. As the newly formed Nightwings are forced to deal with a fiery threat they never saw coming, reluctant recruit Ric Grayson has to make the choice between a carefree life without capes or answering the call that's been ringing his entire life-the call to be a hero. Join Ric Grayson and the Nightwings as they learn what it takes to be a team-and what happens when you fight who you truly are.

From Image this week, Middlewest #6 hits the rack! A messenger arrives with news of the storm brewing in Abel and Fox's wake. Maggie's carnival has changed its schedule to stay ahead of the tempest as Abel's debt is paid and he's offered the chance to choose his future. End of the first story arc here!

From Marvel this week, Guardians of the Galaxy #4 hits stands. The Dark Guardians are here!The Dark Guardians, a new cosmic hit squad made up of the most powerful and cunning people in space, are going to kill Gamora.It's time for the new Guardians of the Galaxy to saddle up!

Next up from Marvel this week, Star Wars Tie Fighter #1 (of 5) blasts onto shelves. ENTER SHADOW WING! THE EMPIRE'S SALVATION! THE REBELLION'S DOOM!As the war against the REBELLION stretches on, it is the innocent people of the GALACTIC EMPIRE who are most at risk. An elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots is assembled to help protect Imperial interests and hammer the Emperor's fury down upon the treasonous and violent Rebel Alliance. But how far is this untested team willing to go to preserve law and order? And are the pilots of SHADOW WING as loyal to the Empire as they seem?

Next from Marvel we have 2 tie ins along with War of the Realms #2! First up is War of the Realms Punisher #1 (of 3). PUNISHER: AVENGER OF MIDGARD!The War of The Realms has brought monsters to the streets of New York City, but New York has a monster all its own...Frank Castle, A.K.A. THE PUNISHER! And he'll be damned to Hel if he's going to let a bunch of Ten Realms tin-pot tyrants terrorize his town. But given he's one man against an army of monsters, Hel might soon have him! The War of Realms is about to meet Marvel's One Man Army. Expect Punishment!

Lastly from Marvel is the second tie in, War of the Realms War Scrolls #1 (of 3).Gifted the sight of the Bifrost, Daredevil watches all Midgard burn under Malekith's invasion. How will the Guardian of Hell's Kitchen...guard an entire Earth turned to Hell? Find out in a story by Jason Aaron & Andrea Sorrentino! All this and more (including a new Howard the Duck story by Chip Zdarsky & Joe Quinones!), straight from the battlefield of WAR OF THE REALMS!

From AfterShock this week , Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1 hits racks. For nearly two centuries, scholars have wondered how on earth Mary Shelley, a nineteen-year-old girl, was able to conjure one of the most frightening and enduring horror stories of all-time: Frankenstein.But with the recent discovery of Mary Shelley's secret memoir, the truth is finally revealed: Mary Shelley didn't just write Frankenstein, she lived it. Traveling back to that historic Geneva winter of 1816, Mary, her fiancé Percy, sisters Claire and Fanny, and the celebrated poet Lord Byron, find themselves guests of the eerie Frankenstein Estate. The macabre and frightening events that follow lead Mary to both a gruesome and shocking discovery. Their mysterious host is not at all what they expected, and their intentions will change the course of Mary's life for-ever.

From Ahoy Comics this week comes Planet of the Nerds #1. Three high school jocks in the 1980s are accidentally frozen by an experimental cryogenics device, only to be revived in the computer-driven, superhero movie-loving world of 2019, an era ruled by nerds! Plus! A backup series explores the characters' origins. Extra! Prose and pictures by the finest talents in and out of the comics industry!

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Angel #0

Adventure Time Marcy & Simon #4

Black Badge #9

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #4

Lumberjanes #61

Dark Horse

American Gods Moment of the Storm #1

BPRD Devil You Know #15

Calamity Kate #2


American Carnage #6

Aquaman #47

Batman #69

Damage #16

Electric Warriors #6

High Level #3

Justice League #22

Lucifer #7

Mad Magazine #7

Naomi #4

Nightwing #59

Pearl #8

Scooby Doo Where Are You #98

Teen Tians #29

Dynamite Entertainment

James Bond 007 #6

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #4

Xena Warrior Princess #1


Disney Afternoon Giant #4

GI Joe Real American Hero #261

Star Trek Q conflict #3

Star Wars Adventures #20

Tangled the Series #1


Assassin Nation #2

Auntie Agathas Home For Wayward Rabbit #6

East of Wast #42

Evolution #16

Farmhand #7

Gideon Falls #12

Kick Ass #13

Little Bird #2

Middlewest #6

Oliver #3

Outpost Zero #9

Port of Earth #9

Rumble #11

Witchblade #13


Age of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #3

Amazing Spider Man #19.HU

Amazing Spider Man #252 Facsimile Edition

Avengers No Road Home #10

Daredevil #4

Guardians of the Galaxy #4

Magnificent Ms Marvel #2

Major X #2

Meet the Skrulls #3

Old Man Quill #4

Shuri #7

Spider Man City at War #2

Spider Man Life Story #2

Star Wars Age of Rebellion Special #1

Star Wars Tie Fighter #1

Thor #12

Tony Stark Iron Man #10

Uncanny X-Men #16

War of the Realms #2

War of the Realms Punisher #1

War of the Realms War Scrolls #1

West Coast Avengers #10

Wolverine & Infinity Watch #3

Other Publishers

Animosity #20

Appalachian Apocalypse #4

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #298

Blessed Machine #2

Bloodborne #11

Blossoms 666 #3

George McDonalds Light Princess #3

Gold Digger #262

Gretel #2

Houdini Master Detective One Shot

Incursion #3

Infinity 8 #11

Knights of the Dinner Table #264

Knights of the Golden Sun #6

Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1

Men of Mystery #111

Mobster Graveyard #3

Moon Maid #1

Morning in America #2

Oz Heart of Magic #1

Planet of the Nerds #1

Relay #5

Stronghold #3

X-O Manowar #26

Zorro Swords of Hell #4