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New Comics for 7/31/19

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 7/31/19

Happy New Comic Eve! Sorry I missed you all last week! It’s the 5thweek of the month, which means lots of annuals and filler, but there are some killer releases this week too, so lets dive right in!

From Dark Horse this week comes Manor Black #1 (of 4). From the creators of Harrow County and The Sixth Gun comes this gothic horror fantasy about a family of sorcerers in crisis. Roman Black is the moribund patriarch of a family of powerful sorcerers. As his wicked and corrupt children fight over who will take the reins of Manor Black and become representative of the black arts, Roman adopts a young mage whom he gifts his powers to with the hope that someone good will take his place against the evil forces out to bring down his family and legacy.

From DC this week, Batman Last Knight on Earth #2 hits the stands, but lots of other fun stuff too!

Batman Secret Files #2 hits the rack this week. "City of Bane" is upon us! Bane's conquering Gotham City, but he's not doing it alone. In this Secret Files issue, read about Bane and his cabal: The Joker, the Riddler, Hugo Strange and the Psycho-Pirate. Brutal stories of madness, murder and hatred done by some of comics' greatest talents!

Next from DC, Green Lantern Annual #1 hits shelves this week. A Green Lantern tradition is reborn when the annual Jordan family reunion takes a turn for the bizarre, leaving Hal and his nearest and dearest on the front line of a terrifying invasion from an impossible reality that's closer than you think! There's only one way for intergalactic lawman Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan to prevent the ultra-crime of the millennium-but what will be the outcome when Green Lantern takes on a young superhero sidekick? And who will it be? Also featuring an incredible guest appearance by the strangest Lantern of all-you must not miss THE GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL!

Next up, Justice League Dark Annual #1!Swamp Thing takes center stage in this one-of-a-kind story that will change the Green forever! After the fall of the Parliament of Trees, the Parliament of Flowers and its new guardian have risen. It's now up to Alec Holland to convince him to become a benevolent protector of the world, but little does he know, a foe from his past, the Floronic Man, is trying to sway the guardian as well. Which path will the King of Petals choose? The fate of mankind depends on it!

Finally, Red Hood Outlaw Annual #3 hits the rack this week. Missing since the fateful events of issue #25, the story of what happened to Bizarro and Artemis after they were sucked through the quantum doorway can finally be told! Trapped in a strange reality where everyone with metahuman abilities has become normal and ordinary humans now possess powers, up is down, left is right and only a pair of Outlaws can save the day in a world gone mad. Meet strange new foes, and even stranger new allies. Can the Outlaws fix this broken world and still make it back to our world and their mission alongside the Red Hood?

From Image this week, Spawn #299 hits the rack! "WAR TO 300," Part Two: Witness the debut of TODD McFARLANE's newest creation-The Rapture! Heaven's answer to the mythic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these eternal warriors are tasked with eliminating the plague called humanity from the face of the Earth. The WAR TO 300 rages! Next month, new allegiances will form, new enemies will rise, and history will be made!

Also from Image this week is the second print of Walking Dead #193!

From Marvel this week, Avengers #22 hits the stands! THE CHALLENGE OF THE GHOST RIDERS STARTS HERE! Robbie Reyes wants to get rid of the flame-headed monster inside him. So it's time to do the common sense thing: perform an exorcism on his car. Only problem is, Johnny Blaze, the king of Hell, has some plans of his own for the newest Ghost Rider and his Avengers friends.

From Marvel this week, Powers of X #1 (of 5) hits the rack. FEAR THE FUTURE! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINTY, NEW AVENGERS, FF) continues his revolutionary new direction for the X-Men. Intertwining with HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X reveals the secret past, present and future of mutantkind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men!

Lastly from Marvel this week comes Venom Annual #1! VENOM VS. LADY HELLBENDER! After a busy few months, Eddie Brock and the symbiote are back together, but their union isn't so perfect anymore... Meanwhile, the galaxy's fiercest monster hunter is headed to Earth with a taste for klyntar... PLUS! The Origin of Lady Hellbender!

From Valiant this week, Killers #1 (of 5) makes its debut! Five deadly assassins are recruited into a game of cat and mouse by the mysterious Jonin! But what does the Jonin want from them, and what do they gain out of helping him?Each of these assassins can channel their ki in different ways, granting them incredible abilities!

From AfterShock this week, Knights Temporal #1 hits the racks! When Auguste de Riviere returned from the Crusades, he was ashamed and horrified by the things he had done. Hoping to reclaim his soul, he pledges to root out evil wherever it might be found. But when he pursued a vile sorcerer into a forbidden forest, his life was shattered. Au-guste ventured into the dark forest, but emerged in the modern world. Accompanied now by the enigmatic Jane Fool, Auguste hunts a madman while trying to piece together the mystery of his very existence.

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Steven universe Ongoing #30

Dark Horse

Fight Club 3 #7

Manor Black #1

Stranger Things Six #3


Batman Last Knight on Earth #2

Batman Secret Files #2

Batman Who Laughs #7

Green Lantern Annual #1

Justice League Dark Annual #1

Red Hood Outlaw Annual #3

Dynamite Entertainment

Red Sonja Lord of Fools One Shot


Canto #2

Crow Hack Slash #2

Gears of War Pop One-Shot #1

GI Joe #265

Glow #4

Gooseumps Horrors of Witch House #3

Joe Hill Cape Fallen #4

Marvel Action Spider Man #6

Samurai Jack Lost Worlds #3

Sonic the Hedgehog Tangle & Whisper #1

TMNT Ongoing #96

TMNT Urban Legends #15

Uncle Scrooge #47


Beauty #28

Ice Cream Man #13

Monstress #24

Paper Girls #30

Rat Queens #17

Realm #14

Spawn #299

Walking Dead #193 2ndprint


Avengers #22

Black Panther #14

Captain America #12

Conan the Barbarian #8

Deaths Head #1

Fantastic Four #12

Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man #9

Marvel Comics Presents #7

Marvel Team Up #4

Power of X #1

Runaways #23

Secret Warps Iron Hammer Annual #1

Star Wars AoR Special #1

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #4

Thanos #4

Venom Annual #1

Other Publishers

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #2

Angel #3

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #301

Blastosaurus Summer Special One Shot

Boston Metaphysical Society #1

Category Zero #3

Exciting Comics #3

Five Years #3

Floppy Cop #4

Goon #5

Gutt Ghost #1

Heathen #8

Hope #2

Junior High Horrors #6

Killers #1

Knights Temporal #1

Last Space Race #5

Leave on the Light #1

Life is Strange #7

Love She Offered #1

Nightmare Before Christmas Zeroes Journey #12

Punk Mambo #4

Queen of Bad Dreams #3

Red Winter #1

Rick & Morty #52

Rise #4

Riverdale Season 3 #5

Sabrina Teenage Witch #4

Shades of Magic #8

Sham #3

She Said Destroy #3

Sola Flare Season Three #5

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #117

Test #2