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New Comics for 9/12/18

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 9/12/18

Batman day is this weekend! Saturday, September 15th is Batman day so head to you local comic shop to pick up a couple freebies including a reprint of Batman White Knight #1 and Batman Lil Gotham #1! Now lets get to it!

From Boom! Studios this week, a new 5 issue mini series kicks off called Low Road West! In the aftermath of a nuclear first strike that has left the East Coast uninhabitable, five teenagers are being sent west, away from the wreckage that was once their home. Halfway through the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, the shuttle that promised safety has broken down, stranding them in the middle of nowhere with only one another to count on. Their only hope seems to be a town just on the edge of the horizon, but the closer they get the stranger things become. If they want to survive, they will have to learn to trust one another-and with society crumbling around them, trust does not come easily.

From Dark Horse this week, MST3K comes to comics! The riffing hilarity of Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to comics when Kinga Forrester pairs her Kingachrome Liquid Medium with her latest invention-the Bubbulat-R! Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo find themselves thrust into the 2-D world of public domain comics, with riffing as their only defense!

From DC this week, the world of Sandman expands with another title called House of Whispers #1! Welcome to the House of Dahomey, the houseboat of Erzulie Fréda, where the souls of Voodoo followers go when they sleep to beseech the flirtatious and tragic goddess to grant them their hearts' desires and counsel them on their futures and fortunes. When you arrive, you'll find a party is in full swing, filled with all kinds of fabulous and fierce folk, while fish fry and music blasts. From her bayou, Erzulie scries upon the mortal realm and sees four human girls open a mysterious and magical journal filled with whispers and rumors that, if they spread, could cause a pandemic unlike any the Earth has seen, with the power to release Sopona, the loa lord of infectious disease and cousin to Erzulie, who is currently banned from the human plane. But even the fearsome Erzulie cannot be of assistance when her dream river turns tumultuous, tossing her house from her realm and into another...

Also from DC this week, Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 hits the stands! Jason Todd's about to take this vigilante game to a whole new level. His partners, Bizarro and Artemis? Gone! His mentor, Batman? Out! His base of operations, Gotham City? Abandoned. Cast out and alone, Red Hood embarks on a bold, brutal new mission, with a new costume, new weapons and a new plan to punish evildoers across the DCU. Plus, Pete Woods (JUSTICE LEAGUE) joins writer Scott Lobdell as this new era begins!

From Image this week, Warren Ellis helms a new 7 issue mini-series called Cemetary Beach! From the creators of the acclaimed TREES graphic novels, comes something completely different. A professional pathfinder, his only ally a disaffected young murderess, breaks out of a torture cell in pursuit of his worst extraction scenario ever: escaping on foot across a sprawling and secret off-world colony established a hundred years ago and filled with generations of lunatics. WARREN ELLIS & JASON HOWARD ignite a high-speed new action serial.

Also from Image this week, Chris Sebela and Ro Stein’s sci-fi/comedy/thriller Crowded continues with issue #2! The million-dollar Reapr goal on Charlie Ellison's head keeps going up, drawing more unqualified and overarmed users to try to kill her and her bodyguard Vita, who's desperately trying to keep her only client alive. When the sanctity of Vita's home is invaded and they have to find a new safehouse, they're dragged through some dark corners, and begin to uncover who started this campaign.

From Marvel this week, Fantastic Four #2 hits the racks! What have Reed, Sue and the kids been up to all this time? What adventures have they been on? What strange new friends have they found along the way? What deadly new enemies have they made? And what are Franklin and Valeria's new codenames? All these questions will be answered... just in time for ENTIRE UNIVERSES TO DIE! The return of Marvel's First Family keeps getting more and more intense! Don't you dare miss a single moment of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine!

Also from Marvel this week, Infinity Wars #3 hits shelves! Who are the Infinity Warps? With Requiem tearing through the Marvel Universe, Loki whispering around its fringes and a new threat looming to devour everything, the very fabric of reality warps around the heroes of Earth... and the only way through winds through infinity itself!

From AfterShock this week, a new series debuts called Moth and Whisper #1 by Ted Anderson and Jen Hickman! Everyone knows that the two greatest thieves in the city are the Moth and the Whisper. Very few know that the Moth and the Whisper disappeared six months ago. And what nobody knows is that the new Moth and Whisper are actually one person pretending to be both of them. One supremely skilled but uncertain young genderfluid thief: Niki, the child of the Moth and the Whisper. Niki has been trained by their parents in the arts of stealth and infiltration, but they're still just a teenager, and now they're alone, searching for their parents in a hostile cyberpunk dystopia. Corporations run the streets while crime lords like Ambrose Wolfe run the alleys-identity is a commodity and privacy is impossible. The truth about Niki's parents and their disappearance is out there, but can Niki survive long enough to find it?

From Archie Comics this week, we get a new 5 issue mini-series called Archie 1941 written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn with art by Peter Krause and Kelley Fitzpatrick. Archie has been around for over 75 years and has been through many significant moments in time, but never before have we seen the characters take on real-world events as they unfold. WWII is looming and Archie and many young men from Riverdale are close to enlistment age. If you're a Riverdale teen, how would you cope with a looming world-changing event? Join the writing team of MARK WAID and BRIAN AUGUSTYN along with artist PETER KRAUSE for the all-new mini-series that is sure to have everyone talking!

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Garfield Homecoming #4

Low Road West #1

Mech Cadet Yu #12

Ruinworld #3

Welcome to Wanderland #1

Dark Horse

BPRD Devil You Know #10

Disney Frozen Breaking Boundaries #2

Joe Golem #1 The Drowning City

Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1

Neil Gaiman American Gods My Ainsel #6

Seeds #2

She Could Fly #3

World of Tanks Citadel #5


Catwoman #3

Detective Comics #988

Flash #54

Hawkman #4

House of Whispers #1

Immortal Men #6

Plastic Man #4

Red Hood and the Outlaws #26

Scooby Apocalypse #29

Sideways #8

Suicide Squad #46

Supergirl #22

Superman #3

Titans #25

Wildstorm Michael Cray #11

Wonder Woman #54


Charlies Angels #4

Deja Thoris #8

Elvira Mistress of the Dark #2

Nancy Drew #4


GI Joe A Real American Hero #256

Haunted Horror #35

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tempest #2

Lowlifes #4

Real Science Adventures Nicodemus Job #3

Star Trek TNG Terra Incognita #3


Beauty #23

Birthright #31

Cemetery Beach #1

Crowded #2

Farmhand #3

Head Lopper #9

Hey Kids Comics #2

Mage Hero Denied #12


New World #3

Oblivion Song #7

Proxima Centauri #4

Rat Queens #11

Scales & Scoundrels #12

Sleepless #7

Weatherman #4

Wicked & Divine #39


Amazing Spider Man #5

Champions #24

Daredevil #608

Domino #6

Exiles #8

Fantastic Four #2

Iceman #1

Infinity Wars #3

Journey Into Mystery Birth of Krakoa #1

Marvel Rising Omega #1

Ms Marvel #34

Old Man Logan #47

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider Man #309

Runaways #13

Star Wars Darth Vader #21

Star Wars Last Jedi Adaptation #6

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #36

Venom First Host #3

Weapon H #7

X-23 #4

X-Men Blue #35

Action Lab Entertainment

Vamplets Beware Bitmares One Shot

Aberrant #4

Double Jumpers Full Circle Jerks #2

Guncats #2

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #52

AfterShock Comics

Hot Lunch Special #2

Moth & Whisper #1

Volition #2

Ahoy Comics

Wrong Earth #1

Alterna Comics

Blood Realm #1

Exilium #1

It Came Out On A Wednesday #2

Metaphase #2

The XII #4

Alternative Comics

True Stories #1

American Mythology Productions

Moon Maid #1

Rocky & Bullwinkle Show #3

Stargate Universe #6

Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #256

Rags #1

Trials & Tribulations of Miss Tilney #2

Archie Comics

Archie 1941 #1

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #292

Aspen MLT Inc

Dellec Vol 2 #1

Avatar Press

Crossed Plus 100 Mimic #5

Keenspot Entertainment

Trumps Titans Vs Diversity #1

Kenzer & Company

Knights of the Dinner Table #258

Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime Accell #14

Catalyst Prime Astonisher #10

Dinosaucers #2

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 3 #3

Rebellion Developments

Sniper Elite Resistance #1

Red 5 Comics

Riptide #2

Scout Comics

Long Lost Part Two #2

Shiver Bureau #6

Source Point Press

Norah #2

Starburns Industries Press

Oddwell #2

Storm King Productions

John Carpenter Tales of Sci Fi Standoff #3

T Pub

Disposable Legends #1

Lucky Man Bracelet Chronicles #2

Titan Comics

Doctor Who Road to 13th Doctor #3

Newbury & Hobbes #1


Nightmare Before Christmas Zeroes Journey #3

United Plankton Pictures

Spongebob Comics #83

Valiant Entertainment

Ninja-K #11

Vault Comics

Wasted Space #5

Waxwork Comics

Poser #1


Grimm Tales of Terror 2018 Halloween Edition #1