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New Comics for 3/21/18

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 3/21/18

I am late. I suck. Lets get straight to it!

From DC this week, in Aquaman #34, the Crown of Thorns has fallen, Mera is se to inherit the throne, but in this special issue we get to learn of King Rath’s Secret Origin! Even after a decisive victory is won by Aquaman and the resistance, King Rath tightens his grip on Atlantis by unleashing an ancient magic that has not been seen for thousands of years. But little is known about the true origin of the man who calls himself king...until now! Witness the shocking origin of the nefarious King Rath in this special issue!

Also new this week, on Young Animal, Cave Carson is back, but this time with an INTERSTELLAR EYE! After a year of multiverse-hopping and fighting in the Milk Wars, returning to a normal life of digging and cave-diving just isn't the same for explorer Cave Carson. Sure, he's got his podcast, family and that cybernetic eye, but reminiscing about times gone by isn't the same as living. Luckily for Cave Carson and his daughter Chloe, they're about to get sucked into an all-new adventure-literally-when they go spelunking in a black hole! But what's caused this black hole to appears and what's its connection to the intergalactic music sensation Star Adam?

From Marvel this week, Mighty Thor #705 hits the shelves wrapping up the story arc titled “The Death of the Mighty Thor”. The epic showdown years in the making finally explodes across the heavens. Thor battles the unstoppable Mangog, with the fate of all Asgardia hanging in the balance. Is Thor willing to pay the ultimate price in order to save the gods? The tragic and heroic story of Jane Foster finally reaches its heart-rending zenith. You knew it was coming. The Death of Thor is here at last.

Also from Marvel this week, Hulk-verine! Weapon H is new on the racks this week and written by Greg Pak with art by Cory Smith. The Weapon X Program has done it again! At the cost of their own destruction, they've completed their biggest and possibly most dangerous experiment yet... With the strength of the Hulk and the rage and claws of Wolverine comes WEAPON H! It's been some time since Weapon H escaped and destroyed his creators. Now, our hero is on the run, as he tries to escape his mysterious past and seclude himself from the rest of society. But when a new kind of Wendigo threatens the lives of others, will Weapon H be able to shirk his responsibility? Does any of his humanity remain?

From Boom! Studios this week, a new series launches from Max Bemis (lead singer of Say Anything) and Michael Dialynas (artist of The Woods). This is a sweeping, coming-of-age fantasy about living your dreams. Literally. In her dreams, Lucy is the hero of all her favorite stories, living each night as a grand adventure. These journeys will teach her more about herself and the real world around her than she ever expected.

Here is your complete list:

Dark Horse

Dept H #24

Harrow County #29

Mata Hari #2

Usagi Yojimbo #1 The Hidden

Vinegar Teeth #3


Aquaman #34

Batman #43

Batman Sins of the Father #2

Batman TMNT 2 #5

Batwoman #13

Bombshells United #14

Brave and the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #2

Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #1

Damage #3

Deadman #5

Deathbed #2

Future Quest Presents #8

Green Lanterns #43

Harlwy Quinn #40

Injustice 2 #22

Justice League #41

Nightwing #41

Super Sons #14

Superman #43

Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 2nd Printing


30 Days of Night #4

Comic Book History of Comics Comics For All #4

Gears of War Rise of Raam #3

Ghostbusters Answer the Call #4

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #64

Punks Not Dead #2

Samurai Jack Quantum Jack #5

Spider King #2

TMNT Universe #20


Dark Fang #5

Death of Love #2

Descender #28

Dissonance #2

Evolution #5

Further Adventure of Nick Wilson #3

Ice Cream Man #3

Kick Ass #2

Kill or Be Killed #17

Monstress #15

Moonshine #8

Outcast #34

Regression #8

Rumble #4

Southern Cross #14

Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses #33

Witchblade #4

Youngblood #10


Avengers #685

Cable #155

Doctor Strange Damnation #3

Incredible Hulk #714

Iron Fist #78

Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes #1

Mighty Thor #705

Monsters Unleashed #12

Ms Marvel #28

Runaways #7

Spider Gwen #30

Star Wars #45

Star Wars Poe Dameron #25

Tales of Suspense #103

Thanos #17

True Believers Venom Dark Origin #1

True Believers Venom Flashpoint #1

Weapon H #1

X-Men Gold #24

Action Lab

Consultant #4

Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1

Princeless Raven Year 2 #6

Toyetica #7

Aftershock Comics

Babyteeth #9

American Mythology Productions

Land Time Forgot See Ta Savage #1

Amigo Comics

Tales of Rogues #3

Amryl Entertainment

Cavewoman Battle Ankhas Brood #1

Archie Comics

Archie #29

Riverdale Digest #7

Aspen MLT Inc

Jinri Primer One Shot

Jinri Vol 3 #1

Boom Studios

Adventure Time Comics #21

Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #7

Go Go Power Rangers #8

Jim Henson Storyteller Fairies #4

Lucy Dreaming #1

Steven Universe Ongoing #14

WWE #15

Boundless Comics

Jungle Fantasy Survivors #9

Dynamite Entertainment

James Bond the Body #3

Pathfinder Spiral of Bones #1

Vampirella #11

Dark Circle Comics

Mighty Crusaders #4

Devils Due/1First Comics

Squarriors Vol 2 Summer #3

Drawn & Quarterly

Berlin #22

Legendary Comics

Pacific Rim Aftermath #3

Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime Summit #4

Catalyst Prime Superb #8

Infinity 8 #1

Renegade Arts Entertainment

Hope One Shot

Scout Comics

Solar Flare Season 2 #5

Titan Comics

Robotech #8

Valiant Entertainment

Ninja-K #5

Quantum & Woody #4


Musketeers #2

Robyn Hood The Curse #3

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