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New Comics for 3/27/19

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 3/27/19

It’s New Comic Book & Detective Comics #1000 eve! It is an absolutely gigantic last week of the month of March so lets not dilly dally and get right to the meat and potatoes shall we?

From DC this week, Detective Comics #1000 is the belle of the ball! After 80 years, it's here-the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman's past, present and a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Knight! But who is under the mask? And why do they want Batman dead? The incredible future of Batman adventures begins here! Will have decade appropriate trade dressAfter 80 years, it's here-the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman's past, present and a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Knight! But who is under the mask? And why do they want Batman dead? The incredible future of Batman adventures begins here!

Next up from DC this week is Dial H for Hero #1 (of 6). Miguel, a teen daredevil, becomes the newest wielder of the Hero Dial-a rotary phone-like device that grants the user superpowers for one hour when they dial H-E-R-O. Will he rise as a new hero in the DC Universe or crumble under the weight of responsibility the dial thrusts upon him? This blistering new six-issue miniseries joins the Wonder Comics lineup with stories by award-winning fan favorite Sam Humphries (HARLEY QUINN) and art by Joe Quinones (Howard the Duck).

From the new DC Ink imprint this week, Mera Tidebreaker hits the bookshelves. Princess Mera is teenage royalty and heir to the throne of Xebel, a colony ruled by the other no-so-lost land under the sea, Atlantis. Her father, his court, and the entire kingdom are expecting her to marry and introduce a new king. But Mera is destined to wear a different crown....When the Xebellian military plots to overthrow Atlantis and break free of its oppressive regime, Mera seizes the opportunity to take control of her own destiny by assassinating Arthur Curry-the long-lost prince and heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. But her mission gets sidetracked when Mera and Arthur unexpectedly fall in love. Will Arthur Curry be the king at Mera's side, or will he die under her blade as she attempts to free her people from persecution?

From the DC Zoom imprint this week, Super Sons the Polarshield Project hits the bookshelves! The polar ice caps have nearly melted away, causing devastation to coastal cities. Erratic, deadly weather forces everyone inland, tearing families apart. Earth is facing its greatest crisis-and Superman and Batman are nowhere to be found.Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are opposite in every way except one-they are the sons of the World's Greatest Heroes! To uncover a global conspiracy, this unlikely dynamic duo will need to learn to trust each other and work together to save the Earth. But who is the mysterious Candace? And what secrets does she hold that could be the key to everything?

From IDW and in shops this week is GLOW #1! The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to take on the world-or at least LA-in this comic based on the hit Netflix series! When the unthinkable happens and the women of GLOW find themselves ahead of schedule, Sam ruins the promise of a wrestling-free weekend with... more wrestling! Robbed of blissful relaxation and forced to raise money to fund their way to the event, the GLOW team is less-than-prepared for their opponents: real gorgeous lady wrestlers. What could possibly go wrong?!

From Archie this week, Sabrina is back with Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1 (of 5). Sabrina is a teen witch who's struggling with balancing the double life of high school and her burgeoning powers. Newly relocated to Greendale with her aunts Hilda and Zelda (also witches), Sabrina is trying to make the best of being the new girl in town which so far includes two intriguing love interests, an instant rivalry, a couple of misfits that could turn into BFFs, and trying to save the high school (and maybe the world) from crazy supernatural events.

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Adventure Time Season 11 #6

Avant Guards #3

Bone Parish #8

Coda #10

Beneath the Dark Crystal #8

Labyrinth Coronation #12

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37

WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Special #1

Dark Horse

Bad Luck Chuck #1

Black Hammer Age of Doom #9

Crimson Lotus #5

Fight Club 3 #3

Hellboy & BPRD 1956 #5

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #6

William Gibson Alien 3 #5


Action Comics #1009

Batgirl #33

Batman Beyond #30

Books of Magic #6

Detective Comics #1000

Dial H for Hero #1

Flash #67

Freedom Fighters #4

Goddess Mode #4

Heroes In Crisis #7

Hex Wives #6

Justice League Odyssey #7

Looney Tunes #248

Martian Manhunter #4

Scooby Doo Team Up #47

Shazam #4

Terrifics #14

Wonder Woman #67

Dynamite Entertainment

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3


30 Days of Night 100pg Giant

Disney Comics & Stories #4

Ducktales #19

Femme Magnifique

GI Joe Sierra Muerte #2

Glow #1

Go Bots #5

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tempest #5

Punks Not Dead 2 #2

Rick & Morty Vs Dungeons & Dragons #1 Directors Cut

Star Wars Adventures #19

TMNT Urban Legends #11

Transformers #2


Black Science #39

Hardcore #4

Ice Cream Man #11

Isola #7

Man Eaters #7

Outcast #40

Realm #12

Sharkey Bounty Hunter #2

Skyward #11

Snotgirl #13

Spawn #295


Age of X-Man X-Tremists #2

Amazing Spider Man #18

Avengers No Road Home #7

Black Panther #10

Black Widow #3

Daredevil #3

Doctor Strange #12

Fantastic Four #8

Hulkverines #2

Incredible Hulk #181 Facsimile

Invaders #3

Ironheart #4

Marvel Comics Presents #3

Marvel Rising #1

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #41

Mr & Mrs X #9

Spider Man Deadpool #48

Spider Man Far From Home Prelude #1

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #30

Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #2

Superior Spider Man #4

X-Force #5

Other Publishers

Archie & Me Jumbo Comics Digest #16

Barbie #2

Beyonders #5

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #5

Breakneck #4

Cinema Purgatorio #17

Forgotten Queen #2

Grimm Fairy Tales #26

John Carpenters Tales of Sci Fi Twitch #4

Jughead the Hunger #13

Junior High Horrors #4

Lollipop Kids #4

Magical Beatdown #2

Mega Ghost #4

Neon Future #1

Punchline #5

Quincredible #5

Rick & Morty #48

Sabrina Teenage Witch #1

Savants #3

Star Bastard #1

Street Fighter Menat #1

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #115

Viking Queen One Shot

Wasted Space #8

William the Last Fight and Flight #2

Wulfborne #2

Zodiac #2

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