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New Comics for 7/18/18

Posted by Jon Garnett on

New Comics Release for 7/18/18

Its Comic Con week! That’s right, this week kicks off the start of San Diego Comic Con. The largest con of its kind! Lots of stuff will surely be announced this week with regards to film, tv, and comics so keep your eyes fixed on the interwebs for all the news!

From DC this week, Batman #51 hits shelves. Starting a new story arc. The honeymoon's over for Bruce Wayne as Gotham City's most prominent citizen gets selected for jury duty in a chilling court case involving Mr. Freeze! Freeze claims the charges should be dismissed because Batman used excessive force; cue the outrage and media circus. While doing his civic duty, Wayne's forced to take a hard look at the Dark Knight's methods. And hey...what is Dick Grayson doing running around the city dressed as Batman?

Also from DC this week, Justice League #4 hits racks. What is hidden in the darkest depths of the ocean and farthest reaches of space doesn't even compare to the insidious secrets buried in the pasts of Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter! While the rest of the League battles to save their friends before all of reality unravels, the citizens of Earth make a startling join the Legion of Doom!

From IDW this week, Rise of TMNT #0 hits shelves. Written by Matthey Manning with art by Chad Thomas. A new age of mutant madness begins with the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This special zero issue is your very first look at the new adventures the guys in green will be getting into this fall! Will the TMNT be able to master their new weapons, or will the weapons master them?!

From Marvel this week, The Life of Captain Marvel #1 makes its debut. Written by Margaret Shohl with art by Carlos Pacheco. Carol Danvers was just a girl from the Boston suburbs who loved science and the Red Sox until a chance encounter with a Kree hero gave her incredible super-powers. Now, she's a leader in the Avengers and the commander of Alpha Flight. But what if there were more to the story? When crippling anxiety attacks put her on the sidelines in the middle of a fight, Carol finds herself reliving memories of a life she thought was far behind her. You can't outrun where you're from - and sometimes, you HAVE to go home again. But there are skeletons in Captain Marvel's closet - and what she discovers will change her entire world.

From AfterShock this week Clankillers #1 makes its debut. Like the demented stepchild of Game of Thrones, Braveheart and Mark Millar's Kick Ass, Sean Lewis brings readers into an ancient Ireland filled with clans, mystics, warriors and monsters of mythic proportion! Finola has a problem-her father is losing his mind. All the old king cares about is power...and Finola thinks power is stupid. Finola thinks her vicious older sisters are stupid. Finola thinks the royal court is stupid, and above all she thinks the clans across the country are stupid. So she makes a plan with her good friend Cillian: Let's kill all the clans. And then, we go for dad.

From Archie Comics this week, we get a crossover you never thought you would see! Archie meets Batman ’66 #1! Two iconic comic book characters meet up for the FIRST TIME in this historic crossover mini-series! A battle in Gotham City extends its reach into Riverdale-with Mr. Lodge becoming enemy #1 of the dynamic duo! Now it's up to Veronica to recruit some help and place a call... to the Batcave!

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Adventure Time Comics #25

By Night #2

Fence #8

Jim Henson Fraggle Rock #3

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29

Steven Universe Ongoing #18

Thrilling Adventure Hour #1

WWE #19

Dark Horse

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 12 #2

Ether Copper Golems #3

Witchfinder Gates of Heaven #3


Batman #51

Batman Sins of the Father #6

Batwoman #17

Brave & the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #6

Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #5

Damage #7

Deathbed #6

Future Quest Presents #12

Green Lanterns #51

Harley Quinn #46

Injustice 2 #30

Injustice Vs Masters of the Universe #1

Justice League #4

New Challengers #3

Wild Storm #15


Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man #3

Swashbucklers Saga Continues #4


Euthanauts #1

Lowlifes #2

My Little Pony Ponyville Mysteries #3

Optimus Prime #21

Rise of TMNT #0

Star Trek TNG Terra Incognita #1

TMNT Universe #24

Wynonna Earp Greatest Hits #1

X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There #1


Analog #4

Aphrodite V #1

Crude #4

Dry County #5

East of West #38

Evolution #8

Flavor #3

Gideon Falls #5

Ice Cream Man #5

Infidel #5

Kick Ass #6

Mage Hero Denied #10

Magic Order #2

Proxima Centauri #2

Rat Queens Special Neon Static One Shot

Skyward #4

Stellar #2

Vs #5

Weatherman #2


Avengers #5

Cable #159

Hunt for Wolverine Claws of the Killer #3

Immortal Hulk #3

Infinity Countdown #5

Life of Captain Marvel #1

MSH Adventures Ms Marvel Teleporting Dog #1

Old Man Hawkeye #7

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider Man #307

Runaways #11

Spider Gwen #34

Spider Man Deadpool #36

Star Wars #51

Star Wars Darth Vader Annual #2

Star Wars Poe Dameron #29

Thor #3

Tony Stark Iron Man #2

True Believers FF by John Byrne #1

True Believers FF by Walt Simonson #1

True Velievers FF Coming of Herbie #1

Weapon H #5

X-Men Gold #32

X-Men Red #6

AC Comics

Men of Mystery #108

Action Lab Entertainment

Athena Voltaire 2018 Ongoing #5

Helm #4

Miraculous Adventures Ladybug Cat Noir #5

Aberrant #2

Dollface #15

Twelve Devils Dancing #1

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #50

Aftershock Comics

Clankillers #1

Lost City Explorers #2

Alternative Comics

True Stories #1

Amigo Comics

Call of the Suicide Forest #5

Nancy In Hell #1

Archie Comics

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1

B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #263

Betty & Veronica Vixens #8

Jughead the Hunger #7

Aspen MLT Inc

Soulfire Vol 7 #1

Black Mask Comics

Black AF Widows & Orphans #2

Oh S#!T its Kim & Kim #1

Bliss on Tap

Train 8 Zombie Express #2

Bongo Comics

Futurama Annual #1

Boundless Comics

Jungle Fantasy Secrets #1

Keenspot Entertainment

Barry Steakfries #1

Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime Summit #7

Catalyst Prime Superb #11

Encounter #5

Mae Vol 2 #2

Wrapped Up #9

Magnetic Collection

Infinity 8 #4

Oni Press

Ballad of Sang #5

Invader Zim #32

Red 5 Comics

Fractured Mind #4


Divinica #4

Theory of Magic #4

Scout Comics

Mall #1

Titan Comics

Deadlife #1

Rivers of London Water Weed #2

Robotech #11

Valiant Entertainment

Ninjak #9

Quantum & Woody #8

Shadowman #5


Grimm Fairy Tales #18

Revenge of Wonderland #1

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